Sunday, November 5, 2023

Closing the doors soon, opening another

I have been doing fiber work officially since 1998, when I started the Haywood Community College Professional Crafts program in Fiber. I will officially end my time as a fiber artist soon. Of course, I started crocheting, knitting and sewing as a teen, learned weaving in my 30s, and unofficially will continue to do most of the techniques I enjoyed all these 25 years. I'm just not being too ambitious about it.  

I am closing the virtual doors to Nice Threads by January of next year. The store site and the website will be closed and the few things I have left in inventory will likely be donated or raffled or some such. I'll keep this blog site open as I sell equipment, materials and maybe some pieces, I haven't decided. 

I will actually be trying out something different in the fiber crafts world, but with a different pace. I've got land being prepared for a pocket willow farm in Old Fort. If you are interested in how that is going (slowly, I assure you) you can check out the blog I am keeping for that project, the Good Willow Farm. All the whys and wherefores can be found there. 

Please bookmark this blog if you are interested in getting some discounted fiber materials and tools - I will be selling off dyeing equipment next. 

You can also catch some last deals on my felted garments and accessories here on the store which will be open til everything sells. You can buy spinning wool and spindles on sale there too!

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