Monday, August 14, 2023

Booth display system - and more - for sale

 Yes, it's true. No more shows for me. It's time to pass it on. 

Update: These items have been spoken for! I'll be selling other fiber tools, materials and displays in the near future. 

 I'm selling my clothing display racks, director's chair, standing mannequin and hangars - really cheap!  

If you are about to show your clothing for sale at craft festivals, you need a display system. This system is unique, made for me by a local woodworker and is flexible, looks great and most importantly, light to carry and easy to store. 

The uprights and connectors are made of oak and the cross bars are hollow copper tubing, which looks great with the oak. The height and length of the bars are adjustable and two or more bars can be "stacked." I have 4 uprights, and a collection of copper tubes which can make 3 double racks in any 10' booth space, but can also be put in any configuration you have space for. This system is shown in the photo in a shop setting, in a zig-zag. (Note that they are anchored with barbell weights, easy to buy used)

There is a single rack with "waterfall" type arms which can also fit the uprights so the connectors can be interchangeable. 

I am throwing in the mannequin and stand, who has gotten a bit beat up over the years but after a new coat of paint, should look fine. I am also throwing in my hangars, some black plastic, black flocked and regular white plastic hangars. So many, I've not counted them. See below for more photos.

All of above I will sell for $120. 

The director's chair, a must for the booth, is in excellent condition and I'll add it for $50.

Everything for $170.00. 

Delivery available to Asheville area. Charlotte, Hickory, and Winston-Salem are also possible. No shipping or delivery outside the area. 

Email me for details. 

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