Sunday, January 30, 2011

Transformation by paint

This photo is already old news, as we extend heart felt (pun intended) thanks to everyone who has supported us with hard work, friendship and laughter this weekend.

Farewell to green and purple- hello Nice Threads!

Many hands made light work, good food and a few beers-thank you Leslie- helped as well.

Work continues this week as we transform this random space into the home for our fiberarts community.

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Share your dreams for Nice Threads.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Slow but steady - tentative scheduling for opening

Opening a commercial enterprise has been a learning experience. In fact, it feels like jogging through jello. Everything takes longer and costs more than we planned, but that's the learning part. At this point, I've got some tentative dates for opening to the public.

Our target for opening is now February 12th, the Saturday before Valentine's Day. We'll be open that Saturday the 12th, Sunday the 13th and Monday the 14th. Robyn will be demonstrating needle-felted heart pendants and I'll be making wet-felted heart pins during those three days. We'll be closed on Tuesday (likely we'll be recovering!)

On Wednesday, February 16th, we hope to be open for our regular winter schedule, Wednesday through Sunday. Our hours will be 10am - 4pm. Our demonstration schedule will begin that week too, Weaving Wednesdays, Tangled Thursdays, Felting Fridays and Spinning Saturdays, from noon til 4 each day. Look for more information on demonstrations to come.

These dates could easily change in the next two weeks, but this is our goal. Again, a learning experience in living with uncertainty. It may take a few weeks more to completely set up with all the inventory items we'd like to offer, but we know that you will understand.

So stay tuned for updates and if you haven't already emailed us to be on the mailing list, or Liked us on Facebook, then do so now and the updates will show up on your computer.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Beginning the Journey - A new space for Fiber

The last several months we have been working on the dream of a space for a fiber gallery along with workshops and a place to shop for fiber materials and tools. During the buildup to Fiber Action's last Anything Fiber Yard Sale, I came across a space that was going to be opening up in downtown Black Mountain. A space that even a poor fiber artist could afford. Well, we've been waiting and planning, and now we are seeing the reality of our dream. Nice Threads Fiber Gallery/Studio will be opening in February... just a few weeks away. This blog will document the day by day news and updates and also the delays and frustrations, but especially the surprises and joys.

I hope you'll come along, both on the blog and in person.

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